"They did not know that it was impossible, so they did it."

It is according to this quote by Mark Twain that the group Sophie de Quay and the WaveGuards has evolved, with more than 60 concerts across Switzerland, France, Belgium, Romania, Lebanon, the USA, and soon, Asia.

Resolutely voluntary, sensitive, enthusiastic, spontaneous and open to the world, the trio embrace every new encounter and experience in order to tell both a simple and touching story.

Their trips and meetings involved: the complicity of a certain Pascal Auberson, a true godfather and mentor who « experimented » with them; the kindness of a certain Patrick Bruel who followed Sophie from the beginning and whom she invited for a duet on  the stage at the Caribana Festival; it is the confidence of a certain  Lionel Capouillez, sound engineer of the biggest French-speaking musical productions today (Stromae, Patrick Bruel, Maître Gims) who sublimates the sound produced by the WavesGuards ; and it is especially a faithful audience, who follows them at each of their events for a moment of intense sharing.

The mesmerising music of the WaveGuards, an alchemy of pop, electro and acoustics, creates an intimate atmosphere in which Sophies powerful and moving voice is revealed. This warmth and intensity is revealed in an EP and a first album titled "Drop The Mask" whose lyrics evoke the dilemma and duality between being and appearing, imposed daily in the lives of everyone.

Currently, the group is working on a tour of Asia and the development of a new repertoire for the second album.