"Six extraordinary compositions in an exciting superb performance" (QFTF)


The first bases of the Berlin Suite project came into being in the spring of 2015. During his six-month stay in the German capital, Swiss composer and musician, Tim Verdesca, saturated by the atmosphere of the city, decided to write a series of musical pieces in the form of a sequel.

As an ardent follower of the many jam sessions and concerts that he frequents every night, Tim Verdesca met some of the most prominent jazz musicians in Berlin. They gathered for a first session, and that was it! The project was born!


A sense of cohesion and camaraderie set in quickly within the group, encouraging the musicians to invite more of their friends for a tour Tim would organise on his return back home. This idea began taking shape in January 2016 with sic concerts particularly well received in clubs in the Lake Geneva region.


Building on this success, the Berlin Suit project was recorded and filmed 'live' in the summer of 2017 and was to be presented through the course of a new series of tour dates in Switzerland, including one at the JazzContreBand festival.


 The TIM V // Berlin Suite album is signed by the Berlin label QFTF (Lee Konitz, Baiju Bhatt & Red Sun, Marie Krüttli) www.qftf.net


Tim Verdesca (CH) - bass, compositions, leader

Zacharie Ksyk (FR) - trumpet
Thijs De Klijn (NL) - guitar
Doron Segal (IL) - piano
Mathias Ruppnig (AT) – drums

Baiju Bhatt (CH) - violin (guest on "E")