Having had diverse academic training in classic and jazz music all through my musical journey, I have been offering music courses for 15 years. I have taught and continue to teach in several music schools, notably in Geneva, at One Music, where I have taught for 10 years. 

It is with all this experience that I propose a personal approach with a programme of courses that focuses on the following: 

  • Technique and mastering the sound of the instrument

  • Rhythmic and melodic theory (reading harmonic grids and scores)

  • Analysis and comprehension of jazz harmony and current music

  • Learning to play various pieces by ear

  • Improvisation using different modes/ranges

  • Preparation for the entrance examinations at the HEMU (Haute Ecole de Musique).


On request, courses can be recorded (audio or video), or stored on Dropbox, and are accessible at any time for students to work on at home and to ensure better monitoring. 




  • The courses are offered on a weekly basis and each class is 45 minutes long (there is a possibility of conducting 90 minute classes every two weeks).

  • In order to reschedule or postpone a class, do notify me at least 48 hours in advance or else the session will be charged. 

  • In case of absence on my part, the class is obviously replaced at the convenience of the student. 

  • Payments are made through bank transfer at the beginning of every month/trimester

  • Registration during the month or trimester is possible




  • The courses are conducted in a fully equipped room in Geneva.

  • Courses at a student's residence are possible if the student lives within the Lake Geneva region*.




  • CHF 300.-  per month (4 lessons)

  • CHF 800 .- per trimester (12 lessons)




  • The course are offered in French but can equally be offered in English (good knowledge), in Italian (very good knowledge), or in German (B2 level).

  • Lessons can be given in english.

  • I corsi possono essere in Italiano.

  • Der Unterricht kann auf Deutsch gegeben werden.

*The charge for lessons conducted at a students home is 30% more in order to cover the cost of time and travel.